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Blocore's mission is to maximize capital reproduction through an entrepreneurial approach. We approach investments from an entrepreneurial perspective to improve risk-return profiles turning high-risk high-returns into middle-risk high-returns. With this approach, we design innovative funds that consist of unorthodox investments that are unprecedented in the industry. We seek opportunities in new financial ecosystems(blockchain), AI technology, and non-traditional asset classes and mold them into funds. 

Since 2018, Blocore has executed 50+ investments through it's own fund, covering a wide range of asset classes including but not limited to Start-ups, VC/M&A funds, IPO block deals and Crypto funds. Blocore's principal investments($400M AUM) have shown outstanding results, successfully reforming traditional finance with innovative strategies.

Key Investments


Animoca Brands is a blockchain unicorn; global leader in branded blockchain gaming and NFT industry known for its early investments in leading NFT platforms including Opensea, Decentraland and Dapper Labs(creators of CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot). Animoca Brands developed products utilizing popular IPs including Formula 1® and Marvel.


The Sandbox is a global leading metaverse platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The platform’s native currency SAND token has a market cap that surpasses $1B and has become a market leader in the NFT and metaverse ecosystem.


Wemix is the platform token of WemadeTree, blockchain subsidiary of Wemade. Wemade is a public company in Korea behind the blockbuster Mir4 Global; a pioneer in P2E(Play-to-Earn) gaming. Wemade is visionizing a robust creator economy that can incorporate various P2E games to be launched upon its native token, WEMIX.


Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions. It combines the best features of both public blockchains and private blockchains through an efficient hybrid design.


Olive X Holdings Limited(NSX: OLX) is a public company focusing on innovating the healthcare industry with smart technology. Olive X provides AI-based platforms including ‘Zombies, Run!’ and ‘KARA Smart Fitness’. With users in over 170 countries, Olive X provides an extensive healthcare service to the global market.


True Global Ventures 4 Plus is a Singapore based Private Equity fund that invests in Serial Entrepreneurs in over 30 cities. Founded by a distributed group of Serial Entrepreneurs over these cities, TGV has an unparalleled network of investors that are Angel Investors, VCs and Family Offices that help accelerate portfolio companies globally.


PlayDapp is a P2E ecosystem builder; provider of interoperable NFT marketplace, publisher and developer of blockchain games. PlayDapp’s mission is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by making digital assets more valuable and accessible. PlayDapp is available at major crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, Upbit and Uniswap.


MiL.k is a blockchain-based lifestyle platform. MiL.k platform integrates various service companies in travel, leisure and lifestyle sectors by enabling interoperability of their reward points using Milk Coin(MLK) as the key currency. MiL.k partnership includes global companies in the lifestyle industries such as Yanolja - decacorn travel-tech company in Korea.


Tokamak Network(TON) is a Ethereum layer-2 protocol including plasma and roll-up that boosts interoperability, scalability, functionality and usability. The mission of Tokamak Network is to support various services from DApp projects to Ethereum infrastructure solutions; meeting the prerequisites that enables the mass adoption of Ethereum.


Altava is an NFT Marketplace/Metaverse platform that offers digital twins of luxury fashion items. The Altava platform, supported by rich partnership with major fashion houses and a tech-savvy team, aims to operate as a one-stop service in the luxury NFT ecosystem by integrating fashion, blockchain, and metaverse.


SolChicks is a leading NFT P2E game project of the Solana ecosystem, fully integrating the gaming metaverse with its unique and adorable NFT collectibles. SolChicks seeks to be the leader in global P2E markets utilizing its 300k+ member community and 30+ partnership of blockchain’s leading pioneers.


Moonfrost is a promising P2E project targeting farming RPG genre which has been unseen in the crypto gaming industry yet. Rendering the all-star team’s 20+ experience and deep understanding of the farming genre, Moonfrost provides extensive experience that satisfies both the crypto and gaming community.


Kong Studios is a gaming unicorn, based in Silicon Valley. Eight years after its inception in 2013, Kong Studios is valued at $1B with the mega-hit game ‘Guardian Tales’. The game reached 10M+ downloads and $100M+ revenue during the first seven months and ranked as the most-downloaded game in both the Chinese and Japanese app store.


UNMATEREALITY(UMR) creates 3D digital tech solutions to fashion brands’ e-commerce through Gaming & 3D interactive solutions. The virtual commerce platform ADA is powered by the world's most desirable luxury brands including Balmain, Chloe, Dior, Gucci, Moncler and Prada.


Snowpipe is a global online mobile gaming software developer and provider, incorporating AR technology and self-developed IP in it’s RPG gaming ecosystem. With more than 5+ games launched, Snowpipe is preparing to take a leap as a leading gaming platform with further expansion to China, Southeast Asia and the U.S.


Alphanonce, based in Seoul and Singapore, is a crypto-focused fund which capitalizes on the volatility of cryptocurrency and its surging trading volumes. Since 2018, Alphanonce has deployed automated market neutral quantitative strategies across hundreds of crypto-asset products in over 10+ crypto exchanges around the world.


Xverse is a metaverse builder that supports blockchain-related technologies such as metaverse content creation studio, developer SDK, token integration and smart contracts so that developers can easily develop VR & AR contents applied with blockchain technology.


Interior Teacher is an home-tech platform that provides residential design solutions to customers by connecting them with home designers. With its profound home design database, broad network of designers and strategic partnerships, Interior Teacher is one of the fastest growing startups in the Korean home-tech market.


Dillyhub is a webtoon publishing platform, where individual writers can list their own social artwork and receive the corresponding payments through the platform’s unique subscription model. Dillyhub is a leading open platform for un-recognized individual writers with thousands of webtoon artwork and artists.


BOLD is a multi-dimensional player, with its major focus in contact center, commerce and B2B business. It revolutionized the traditional call center into a smart data based platform, hypening consumer service satisfaction. With more than 8+ source technology, BOLD aims to increase operational efficiency in various industries.


Whyout is an outdoor lifestyle social platform, utilizing the nation’s growing interest in outdoor camping. Whyout provides outdoor magazine, short clips and information share platform where even the newest customers can easily engage. Within 6 months of its launch, Whyout managed to record 10,000+ downloads and is continuously growing.


Kudos Ventures is a Venture Capital firm based in Seoul, South Korea. Kudos provides total financial services to early stage startups from investment to incubation and acceleration. Their investment philosophy is to provide companionship to and partake growth with portfolio companies by focusing on the principles of adventure capital.


Inibio is a Pre-IPO stage biotech company that focuses on productizing botulinum toxin for clinical and cosmetic uses. Inibio provides world-class botox products developed by its highly competitive R&D team utilizing one of the safest strains that is officially authorized by the CCUG, Sweden.


AminoLab is the global leading provider of amino acids, which is crucial in the physical and physiological development of the human body. Aminolab provides high-quality amino acids to the global market with its eco-friendly technology. The blood recycling is the leading extraction method of amino acids; patent exclusively owned by Aminolab.


Firmachain is a smart contract solution that aims to unlock limits of electronic contracts with blockchain technology. FirmaChain seeks to replace all written contracts governing social and legal issues (contracts, notarial, etc.) through the use of electronic smart contract platform based on FirmaChain’s data blockchain.


Elysia is a digital infrastructure for real estate assets that provides the latest technology to bridge the gap between traditional real estate participants and global investors. The project aims to help real estate developers issue and list ‘real estate tokens’ onto its white-label platform so that buyers can search and compare real estates.


Temco is a supply chain management powered by blockchain technology. Temco combines innovative technologies including smart contracts, blockchain and big data. Temco aims to provide greater transparency and reliability across the entire supply chain process to deliver trustworthy information that empowers businesses and consumers.